Dear Mom and Dad

thank you for always believing in me

sending much prayer to you,

your daughter


Dear daughter

I know you’re extremely busy right now.

But always remember that:

I always love you

Tons of hugs,

Your mom.

Graduation day



Through times of trial, i believe that God is always there. I know He is watching us, see how far we can continue to survive.
Through prayer we can change the fate, some temporaries fate, they say. And i believe in prayer.
There’s time to finaly end the trial. And that is graduation day. Today i have my own graduation day. I say alhamdulillah, the lessons have been learned, the wise words have been said,and the meaning will stay and build me, hopefuly, to be a better person.

I really want to thank you. For every crystal clear hearted-deed you’ve done and your understanding. I believe every good person will stay strong and grow wiser.

I believe the future will be much better. Much greater. And i pray to Him so that He will take good care of you.

Alhamdulillah. Thank you.


Graduate woman. *=_=


Say, are you an android user? You must know about the game called Diversion. Yah i bet you dont. Haha. The game depicting a hero/heroine who should jump and run to get something. Nah i do forget about what exactly the storyline of the game was. However, that’s diversion. I’m not gonna talk about the game, anyway.

What i really want to write down is that, i’m writing to divert my mind. From the alpha wave, to the beta wave *oh i should check this later. I mean, from hibernation state to wake-up state. Jamil Azzaini said, to turn ON.

It’s like, i was living in a dream. And i dont see how i can write in spite of a lot of meaningful and stresful and wonderful thing happened to me. Why, where did that ‘a brain to create’ go?
Alhamdulillah, luckily, it came back before i realized it.

Okay, talking about the diversion. Some people do really need diversion. They face heavy stuffs everyday, yet they don’t know how to enjoy life. Diversion, in my term, was to think about something beyond my routine. It doesn’t have to be that ‘light’ until i think i get retarded in an instance, but i will enjoy what i like. Like, okay, reading biography, non fiction books, science article, blog post, fictional novel. Writing something just like this. Eating something new. Visiting new places. Shopping cute stuffs. Discussing. Teaching. Counseling. Translating. Accounting. Planning.

God. What am I writing just now?

And diversion, being psychologically full of benefit, It was also good, looking from the health aspect. Because you know, when your mind and heart are happy, your body too. And your body will never lie to you.

So i guess. I need to turn ON, once again, to divert my mind from the routine, try to write down every deep meaning inside every special event happened. Try to be more just like i want myself to be. That is to be productive.

“A diversion, sometimes heal, sometimes it helps you out. Simply put, it refresh you, so you grow faster, better, stronger.”

Alhamdulillah. At last, im writing again. I want to write more, let’s meet again.



Dear God

Dear God,

I hope You give her a little bit of Your strength, to face the trial that You gave.
I hope she just stay strong just like the her I knew.
I hope she will always in Your guidance,either in her sleep or in her wake.
I hope she knew how much I love her. How much i long for her nag. Her calling. Her coolness.

I hope she will always shone by Your Love. The Greatest Love.

Dear God.
May You grow our faith over our fear.



An advice

Assalaamu’alaikum wr wb.

Been a long time. It’s 2014 already and i’ve got a lot of things to do yet i’m so happy and grateful about that. Alhamdulillah.

This one is an advice, a deep and great advice i think, i found in @yasminmogahed twitter.

@CSLewisDaily: “A woman’s heart should be so close to God that a man should have to chase Him to find her.”  ― #CSLewis

Isn’t it beautiful?

We can’t measure how close we are to God, neither can others. But all we know is we try really hard to be closer to Him.

And also, in every thing we do, we should involve God in it because He is the Examiner and our Guide.

May Allah Swt. bless your day 🙂